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The Store

Welcome to the NSPS store, where shipping is free, your orders are handled with love, and GEMM and securely and respectfully handle your credit card.

Timeless Towns and Haunted Places (CD)- $12.00: Experience the latest, greatest, longest-awaited NSPS album in this very, very special numbered edition. add to cart or look at more info.

Returning to the Fetal Position (CD)- $13.00: This is the first NSPS album that was released on CD form, and is still available and kicking. Includes the masterpiece "Civil War." Instead of lying and charging $12.99, this costs $13.00, which you could call a bargain. add to cart or read more info.

Those Wacky, Crazy Canadians : Now that the tape is sold out, TWCC is currently only available through's D.A.M. CD program at Due to some problems, you have to buy disc one and disc two separately. They're priced as inexpensively as possible, though. NOTE: You may want to wait for the upcoming Definative Lie Edition of TWCC, due out soon! More info?

'Til Someone Loses an Eye: The Safety Tips Compilation (Superpickle Records, 1999)-$4.00: This economically priced compilation features several interesting bands' songs from releases ("The Last Cookie") and musical 30-second public-service announcements ("Always Wear Bright Colors (Preferably Florescent Orange) When Walking at Night"). add to cart



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