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Hello. You've reached the incredibly cheap, badly done home page of the band Nutra Sweet Pixie Sticks. If you know anyone from Nutra Sweet who would be willing to give me permission to use Nutra Sweet in our name, please email me.

Right now, you're probably wondering: "Who are these Nutra Sweet Pixie Sticks guys, and why the stupid name? Don't they know Nutra Sweet is a trade mark?"

Well, for your information, NSPS is only one person, so quit your complaining. "Who is this schmoe?" you ask. It is Jeremy Mathews. He can play many instruments and write profiles about himself in the 3rd person. But that isn't it. He is also a horrible singer. If you are a singer in the Salt Lake Area. In high school or late Junior High, you don't want to kill me or anything else disgusting, and you like the weird music you hear on this page, mail me and maybe YOU could sing!!! If you don't want to meet an internet Psycho, or you don't fulfil the above requirements, but still like what you hear, email me and I'll put you on the email news letter. You should come back every few weeks because there is more to come. I've already written about 30 songs. with at least 14 ready to record.

Jeremy Mathews
All material found on this page or one of its components is copyright 1996-97 Jeremy Mathews

I have visited this page times to make sure that it works.

Songs and Information

News: Find out what is on the horizon for NSPS. Yup, there finally is news to report, including recordings NSPS is appearing on.
Space: This song is the result of fiddling around with a computer. It was a spur of the moment type of thing. I don't think of it as one of my best songs, but I have it ready for the web page.
lyrics: Yes, there are crappy lyrics to go along with the crappy music. Now you can sing along!! There are currently 6 songs in case you are wondering if anything is new.
Society: This song appears on the new 10 minute long 7 song Demo. It isn't sung very well, but it isn't sung horribly. 1.6 megs
If I Only Had a Time Machine: Isn't sung so well in some parts. Also appears on the demo, which is being sold for 3 bucks if it is shipped, and $1.50 or maybe free if I can hand it to you. Free if I know you well.

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