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Ready to Go Blind?

Photographs of Jeremy Mathews.

Hello There. If you've found this page you must know me or there has been a terrible accident. This page was made so some people could see some strange pictures of a weird looking guy.

Why didn't I just email them to those people? Well, I could risk legal prosocution, or some people might not be able to recieve attatchments.

Being the kind person I am, I took the liberty of making the pitures look nice on different monitors. Mainly because I have two computers and one picture looks better than the other on each one, so any way, I put both versions of the pictures here (The first picture looks good on a decent monitor, the second looks good on a crappy one like mine.) Kindly note that these pictures are a couple years old. Hope they don't scare you too much.

-Jeremy Mathews

Just in case you came here on accident, I never miss the chance to plug the page of my one man band,

Nutra Sweet Pixie Sticks.

This picture is of me drinking Orangina in a hotel room in Paris while trying to write something. I think it was the rough beginings of a movie script.

These are some intentionally blurry pictures we took for fun. The one above I just look like a drunk, but the one below is more disturbing.