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Those Wacky Crazy Canadians

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1998)

The Mysterious Miss and Her Strange Mule


I met her in my trigonometry class the other week I did not know she had class there until we began to speak She had the most peculiar hair And the most peculiar eyes And her visage seemed to sparkle Like it came down from the skies I remember she had with her a strange mysterious mule I would try to describe it but it would make me seem a fool I remember some colors and a rocket to go to space She said it aided her continuement through these hardened days She had a very strange outfit And said she lived in a cage I could never find a meaning In the strange things she would say I remember riding an escalator in the mall Then she saw our professor, tripped, and started to become small She ran off too look for something and I let her out of sight And no one's seen or spoke of her since that dreaded fateful night I vaguely recollect speaking with a police officer He had the strange mule with him and I asked how he'd obtained her He told me he found her outside the shopping mall one day The night they got all those prank phone calls about the flying plates She had the most peculiar eyes And the most peculiar hair I wonder who she ran off with How did she disappear? words and music 1998 Jeremy Mathews




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