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Those Wacky Crazy Canadians

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1998)

The Last Cookie


I thought that everyone was just too polite to take the last cookie So I figured I'd hang out and grab it at the end of the party Then some uncultured bastard came out of nowhere, grabbed and engulfed it So now I am sitting here helping the host clean up, feeling nothing Because that cookie should have been mine Don't ask me because I don't know why I will say it was my favorite kind I'm starving and without it I'll die So please don't Give me examples or tell me that you don't get everything you want It's not just a fixation it is something that's very important It's a necessity in my mind, I am not just throwing a fit And going to the store would just be a ridiculous cookie hunt Sugar cookie with chocolate chip Waffle batter and lots of little magical spices quite worth your while- I know a cookie like that could make me smile words and music 1998 Jeremy Mathews




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