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Timeless Towns and Haunted Places

(Nutra Stick Productions, 2003)

Sunburnt and Bruised


Sunburnt and bruised, you scratch to the door To tell the mailman not to knock anymore As the door cracks the shadows break out But you can’t stand in shade as your nerve system shouts Keep me in But set me free Please peel the skin from your body Then fan it cool And put your arm Where nobody can do it harm You always said you’d try anything twice Now your bald red head regrets rolling the dice To soothe your skin, you bathe in white paint Now you look like an angel, but just talk like a saint Who says, "Keep me in "But set me free "Please peel the skin from my body "So I’ll be here, "Without alarm, "‘Cause nobody can do me harm" words and music © 2003 Jeremy Mathews



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