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Timeless Towns and Haunted Places

(Nutra Stick Productions, 2003)

Dimly Lit


I found a little spot in the sun That I can stare at and no tears will run And it donít care That I stare Nor does anyone They just let me have my fun With the dimly lit spot I found a little spot in a tree I climb up to the top and I be And itís a way That I can play And no one can see And if they could Iíd still be free In the dim-lit park tree And everything has a price So Iím willing to write a song in a small town in Scotland On a park bench dimly lit Even if Iím still jet-lagged in the morning and it will never be a hit Get back! And soon Iíll have a seat in a plane All asleep, I can read my book or go sane But no matter, The latter Will never be gained As my interest starts to wane From the dimly lit book words and music © 2003 Jeremy Mathews



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