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Returning to the Fetal Position

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1999)

The Naked Man's Lament: The story of M. Edwards


I'm wasting sound waves on a bunch of ordered notes I'm wasting time of people to whom it doesn't mean a thing And I would like to say that I'm very sorry And I would do something else, but I cannot do anything She opened a box And gave all troubles to this flat old world And I wrote a song, but it was nothing that you haven't heard And no one is hearing the naked man's lament Because he has shown everything and he can't take it back now And who would accept anyone's apology After seeing where to shoot Achilles with the arrow I was trapped in the river Styx I had no gold coin under my tongue You ask me what I mean by this The meaning's up to everyone I poured out the notes And tried to give them to this flat old world It was meaningless People turned their ears, not a thing was turned words and music 1999 Jeremy Mathews




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