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Jeremy's Web Choices

Worried about leaving too much out, Mr. Mathews chose to start with a small number of links and build up to an unruly amount gradually.


They Might Be Giants ( When I was in junior high, listening to They Might Be Giants for the first time opened my mind to the possibilities of music and art in general. It is that moment of discovery that made me passionate about art. If not for them, it's quite possible I wouldn't be a musician. The duo of John Linnell and John Flansburgh consistently creates music from well-crafted songs and studio wizardry and that, my friend, has made all the difference.

XTC: Official Site ( and Chalkhills ( This much-praised pop band, currently consisting of founding members Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding, has been making music since 1977. The bandŐs too-strange-for-the-mainstream sound landed them in turmoil with Virgin Records, culminating in a strike to get off the label. Now the band has its own label, Idea Records and a new site. Old fans, however, have been using John Relph's Chalkhill's resources and mailing lists for ages.

An Unofficial Elvis Costello Page ( Costello, who also started in 1977, is the man. His music is stunning, and his lyrics are poetry. Very few of his albums suck and several of them are utterly brilliant. This page has most resources you'll need to figure the king out.

Dan Bern ( This neo-folkie is one of the best lyricists to come along in a while. He's written many a passionate song and isn't afraid to go long and ramble. It really works in songs like "Estelle" and "True Revolutionaries." He's funny, joyously obscene ("Tiger Woods") and can make a moving song out of unlikely subjects ("Monica," about the tennis player).

The Eels ( This band is too often referred to as a second-rate Beck, and I intend to stop that now by including the E and Butch in the links sections. EŐs substantive songwriting creates bittersweet moods, ranging from the despair of an era to hopeful happiness, often in the same song.

Oddity Rock Radio ( My first radio appearance as NSPS was on B.C. Sterrett's radio show. Blair later drew the puzzle pieces of recording history for the Returning to the Fetal Position disc art.

Other Stuff:

RED Magazine ( Just because I write for this rag doesn't mean it isn't cool. In fact, you could deduce that I make it cool, although I am just a contributing factor. Check it out.

Roger Ebert on Film ( While best known for his television show, Ebert is a great print-review writer. The only thing better than him getting his revenge on an awful film by ripping it to shreds is when he shares the joy of discovering a brilliant work of art.




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