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Discography and Lyrics

What all has this crazy cook done with the 100+ songs he's recorded? Well, over 60 songs have appeared on NSPS albums and other releases, detailed here for scholastic research and other purposes. Please find the history and lyrics of the albums enjoyable on some level.

The albums:


Timeless Towns and Haunted Places

(Nutra Stick Productions, 2003): It took four years to contain this album on recordable media, now you can experience it in 45 minutes, provided you don't have to take any breaks.


Returning to the Fetal Position

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1999): The cohesive look at curling up like a baby and crying.


Those Wacky Crazy Canadians

(Nutra Stick Productions, first three cuts* 1997, final cut 1998): The ever-changing opus that broke new ground in arrangement, MIDI use, and four-track recording.


N*tra Sw**t Pi*ie Sticks*

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1997): The cassette demo that started this mess.


The Incredibly Lo-Fi Demo* (Nutra Stick Productions, 1996): A cassette release featuring six or eight of some of the songs that later wound up on the above cassette.


'TIl Someone Loses an Eye: The Safety Tips Compilation (Super Pickle Records, 6/24/1999): A selection of various odd artists that comes to a climax with a startling number of 30-second musical PSAs. Produced by Irving of Mailbox for his label, Superpickle. Contains "The Last Cookie" "Always Wear Bright Colors (Preferably Florescent Orange) When Walking at Night." Buy this from the NSPS store for $4.00.

You Call This Music??* (Cluckin' Records, 7/16/1997): A compilation of odd tracks arranged by Aaron of Joe and the Chicken Heads. Contains "Something Swimming in my Trunks."

The *s indicate albums in which NSPS is credited as what NSPS stands for.

Production and Performance Credits:
The Mania Lab Experiments: Back to Banana Tree
(Nutra Stick Productions, unreleased.): A crazy whirlwind of noisy styles recorded in lightning sessions
with Matthew Wallace and Aaron Leitko
Producer: Jeremy Mathews
Various instruments and vocals: Jeremy Mathews

Field Trip (Now known as Extra Credit) songs:
"Don't Run on the Side of the Pool" (from 'Til Someone Loses an Eye: The Safety Tips Compilation).
Producer/Engineer: Jeremy Mathews
Backing vocals: Jeremy Mathews
"Naked Ladies" (Currently unreleased)
Producer/Engineer: Jeremy Mathews
Keyboards: Jeremy Mathews



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