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N*tr* Sw**t P*x** St*c*s

(Nutra Stick Productions, 1997)

The Story of Orpheus


Listen as I, Orpheus tell you The story so sad Of how I, the great musician, Went to the underworld and then came back I sang my way past the river Styx And charmed the 3 headed dog Cerberus All the way To Hades' thrown And I sang them the sad story Of how my love, Euridyces, Was taken away from me By Hermes After a snake bite On our sad wedding night And even the cold Hades Took pity on me And he granted My request to bring Back my love On the condition On our return trip I could not look back Upon her So I happily thanked the god And went on my way With my love Behind me Or was she? I noticed that I could no longer Hear her footsteps behind me I had to look But as I did I saw Hermes Take her away And now I've nothing left to do, But sing this sad sad song Words and Music 1996 Jeremy Mathews




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